Why Do I Keep Getting Flat Tires on My Car in Dallas, TX? Broken Valve Stem, Nail in Tire & More

No one wants to find themselves stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire. Many flat tires are completely avoidable, believe it or not. There are several reasons that you may experience a flat tire during your travels. Citywide Towing Service is here to talk about the most common causes for flat tires so that you can hopefully avoid a flat tire on your vehicle.

Tire Went Flat Due to Nail or Other Sharp Objects

By in large, one of the biggest causes of flat tires are sharp objects that puncture the tire. This could include items like broken glass, nails and other sharp objects. You can avoid this common cause of flat tire by avoiding areas that are under construction. If you notice that there is a great deal of debris on the road, avoid it if that is possible. You should also be aware of the debris that is found in parking lots as this is a common area that people will run over sharp objects.

Broken Tire Valve Stem

As your tires get older, the valve stem may start to see some wear and tear. When this area of your tire is weakened, it can cause air to leak out of the valve stem and you will eventually end up with a flat tire. The air often slowly escapes and you aren’t aware that you are losing air in your tire until you all of a sudden have a flat.

Slashed Tires Deflate

Unfortunately, many people experience a flat tire as a result of vandalism. Some people may get vengeance on people by slashing tires or causing some sort of other damage that results in a flat tire. A lot of the time, you have to replace the tire entirely because the damage is so extensive.

Over Inflated Tires

The amount of air in your tires can have a great impact on the overall safety of your tires. It can also play a large role in the way that tires wear as they drive down the road. When you have tires that are over inflated though, you run the risk of a flat tire. If there is a dangerous amount of tire pressure because the tire has been over inflated, you may end up experiencing a blowout.

Unexpected Tire Damage

There are times that no matter how diligent you may be in tire maintenance, you may experience a flat tire that is completely out of your control. There may be some unexpected damage to your tires that you aren’t aware of and is posing a threat to you as you drive. There is just no way of knowing what is going on with your tires at times.

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If you have experienced an unexpected flat tire and find yourself stranded on the side of the road, don’t panic. When you rely on Citywide Towing Service to handle your flat tire change, you will be back on the road in no time. Call us today!

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