Why Do Tires Lose Air Pressure in Coppell, TX; Tire Mounting Problems, Cold Weather & More

Do new tires or tires in great condition keep losing air pressure? You may take it down to your local tire shop just for them to tell you nothing is wrong. There are a number of reasons why tires without any other obvious problems can deflate or lose air pressure. Citywide Towing will share the different causes as to why tires in great condition can lose air pressure and what you can do to maintain your tire’s pressure.

Common Causes of Tires Leaking Air & Losing Pressure

Tire Mounting Problems – One area that tires can lose air is where the tire and the rim meet. If your tires are newer or in good condition, and are placed on an older rim or the rim is corroded or oxidation has occurred, this can cause the seal between the rim and the tire to become damaged or fail. Another similar problem is if the rim got dented which often happens if you hit a pothole, curb, or even a large rock.
Tire Valve Stems – The mechanism that you use to put air into the tire is designed to allow the air from the outside in and the pressure that is pressing against the valve stem to seal the opening shut, preventing the air to escape. The stick in the valve stem can either become cracked, loose, or even deteriorated and can allow air to slowly leak out. Even though the rest of the tire appears to be in good condition, check the stem valve.
Tires Lose Air Pressure in Cold Weather – Many people notice that they lose a lot of air pressure in the winter time. This is due to decreasing temperatures. For every 10 degrees that the temperature drops outside, you lose about 2 pounds of air pressure. This is a common occurrence and doesn’t mean anything is wrong with your tires. During the fall and winter as the temperature continues to decrease, you should check you tire pressure and add air as needed.

Tire Pressure Effects on Driving & Handling Vehicles

Low tire pressure has many negative affects on your vehicle. It increases your fuel usage, your tires will wear down more quickly, and you will find it more difficult to steer. There are different ways to find the source of the leak. One way is to use soapy water with a sponge soaked with soapy water. Run the sponge along the seams of the rim and tires and watch for bubbling. Stem valves are easily replaced. It is extremely important to maintain your vehicle’s tires. Many accidents are caused by faulty tires or blowouts. You can suddenly lose control or become stranded on the highway. If you’re having tire problems, make sure to have your tires checked and serviced. Never drive on a questionable tire. If you are losing air in a tire, use the spare until you get the faulty tire repaired. Don’t ignore this problem or you could find yourself in an accident.

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