Why is My Vehicle Not Starting in Seagoville, TX? Dead Car Battery, Bad Starter, Ran Out of Gas & More

When you are in a hurry and your car won’t start, to say it’s frustrating is an understatement. It can leave you reeling as you try and figure out what’s wrong as fast as you can. There are several different reasons that can cause your vehicle to not fire into action when you turn that ignition key over. Citywide Towing Service is here to talk about some of the problems that could be causing this frustrating situation for you.

Dead Car Battery

A dead battery is something no one wants to deal with. Sometimes, there are early warning signals that indicate your battery is at the end of its life, and sometimes, you will go to turn on your vehicle and nothing will happen. You could be dealing with other car trouble like a faulty alternator that can lead to a depleted battery as well. If there are any interior or exterior lights left on in your vehicle long term, it can easily drain your battery and leave you dead in the water next time you need to get somewhere. To ensure your battery stays charged and ready to use, do the following:
– Make sure all interior lights are turned off before getting out of your vehicle.
– Keep the battery terminals clean by using anti-corrosive solution when cleaning.
– Avoid leaving your vehicle outside if you experience severe cold weather.

Bad Car Starter

The starter in your vehicle is that little spark that connects the battery and the engine to bring your vehicle to life. If you try turning on your car and only hear a clicking noise, it is a sign that it’s the starter rather than the battery. Another sign is if the engine just about turns over but can’t ever quite get there. This could mean that the starter isn’t doing its job and that spark isn’t enough. If you can turn on the interior lights in your vehicle and the car still won’t start, it is probably a starter that’s the problem.

Car Run Out of Gas

Are you guilty of not looking down at your fuel indicator every time you drive somewhere? If you can’t remember the last time you filled your vehicle up with gas, you could be dealing with an empty gas tank. If you have exhausted the other issues that could cause your vehicle to not start and failed, it could mean you are simply out of gas. Hopefully you don’t have a gas leak, as that could be a bigger problem.

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No matter what the reason may be for your vehicle not starting, you can call on the professionals at Citywide Towing Service to help you get back up and going. If your car trouble is significant and that’s why your vehicle won’t start, you can count on us to give you a tow to your mechanic. Call us today!

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