Why is My Windshield Fogging Up in the Summer in Coppell, TX? How to Defog to Prevent a Car Accident

Driving safely is nearly impossible when your vision is impeded, and a foggy windshield limits your visibility. When the windshield does fog up, it can be instantly resolved thankfully. In an effort to help keep drivers safe, we at Citywide Towing Service would like to discuss foggy windshields.

Causes of a Foggy Windshield

There are a few factors that contribute to foggy windshields listed below.
1) Mechanical Concerns. After the year 2000, a cabin filter is a common feature in vehicles. To help regulate air quality inside your vehicle, the filter collects dust, pollen, and other contaminants. Through the cabin filter, the vehicle’s heat and air conditioner filters through. The performance of your vehicle’s defroster can be impacted by excess debris inside of a cabin filter. Your windshield becomes susceptible to condensation that results in fog from the excess debris can lower air quality in your vehicle in such instances.
2) Polluted Windshield. On your windshield, debris, and other particles can accumulate. Being more prone to stick to a dirty surface than a clean one, moisture particles can buildup. A dirty windshield can lead to a foggy windshield outside your vehicle.
3) Temperature. The risk of a foggy windshield inside your vehicle increases due to the temperature differences between your vehicle’s interior and exterior can lead to moisture build-up inside your vehicle’s windshield. Eliminating the Fog from Windshield in Cold Temperature. When the temperature outside your car is lower than the temperature inside your vehicle, there are no one-size-fits-all instructions to explain how to fix a foggy windshield. There are several steps you may need to take to quickly get rid of a foggy windshield in this situation, they include:
a) Increase the Heat. Turn the heat up to the maximum setting. Cranking up the heat will help collect moisture that contributes to a foggy windshield since hot air holds more moisture than cold air.
b) Activate the A/C. Flip off the heater and activate the A/C to the max. As the air moves over the air conditioner’s cooling coils, the moisture is pulled from it.
c) Cease Air Recirculation. Turn off your car’s recirculation button to allow cold, dry air to enter your vehicle.
d) Open Windows. For a few minutes, crack your car windows open slightly. To remove fog from your windshield, is due to the combine humid air inside your car and cold, dry air outside your vehicle.

How to Defog Windshield in Summer Humidity

The moisture level and temperature outside your car exceed those inside your vehicle when you experience a foggy windshield in warm temperatures. You need to increase the moisture level and temperature inside your vehicle, to eliminate a foggy windshield in warm temperatures. Below are a few steps.
1) Turn on the Wipers. To remove condensation from the windshield, use your vehicle’s windshield wipers.
2) Turn Off the A/C. Turn of the A/C entirely. Without causing you to feel too hot inside your vehicle you can increase your vehicle’s temperature.
3) Prevent Air Recirculation. Deactivate the air recirculation button to help make the moisture level and temperature match those outside your vehicle.

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Prevent a foggy windshield by using an ammonia-based window cleaner, activate the defroster, use fresh air mode, keep the interior cleaned, invest in an HVAC system inspection periodically. Should you find that you have been in accident due to foggy windows or other sources, call Citywide Towing Service in Dallas< TX for assistance.

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