Why Would a Parked Car Get Towed in Lancaster, TX? Private Property, Blocking Walkway, Disabled Vehicle & More

Most people know the basics when it comes to what will require you to have your vehicle towed. Whether it’s a broken down vehicle or you have gotten in an accident, there are certain scenarios that will leave you contacting a tow truck to get your vehicle off the road. However, there are other not as well-known incidents, that may leave you contacting a towing company as well. At least, someone else might be contacting one for you anyway. Citywide Towing Service is here to talk about some of the different scenarios that can lead to a vehicle being towed.

When Can a Parked Car Be Towed?

Following are some of the situations that could lead to your vehicle getting towed. These are circumstances that some people don’t think much about until they are in the middle of experiencing it.
– Vehicle Blocking a Walkway: Turns out, there aren’t many businesses that are going to look kindly on blocking the walkways that lead to their businesses. Even if you think you will just run in really quickly, that can be enough time for that business owner to call and have your vehicle towed.
– Private Property: If you have ever parked on someone’s private property, there is a solid chance you have gotten your vehicle towed. Many people will post signs that indicate it is private property to keep people from parking in certain areas.
– Illegal Parking: Not all parking is legal. You can’t park in tow away zones, accessible parking spaces, ambulance loading zones, or in front of fire hydrants without getting towed. You should never attempt to park in these areas no matter how long you will be there.
– Disabled Vehicle: If for some reason your vehicle is deemed unsafe to be on the road and you get pulled over, the officer who pulled you over can have your car towed rather than let you drive away again. If your vehicle is broken down on the side of the road and has been abandoned, there is a chance that it will be towed by the time you get back to the car as well.
– Expired Registration: It is vital that you keep the vehicle registration for your car valid. If you get pulled over and it has been expired for over 6 months, there is a good chance you will not be permitted to drive the vehicle any longer and it will get towed. You will need to show proof of registration to get it out of the impound lot.
– No License: Just like your registration, having a current driver’s license is needed to drive your vehicle as well. If yours has expired, your vehicle will be towed, and you will be catching a ride from someone else.

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