Winching a Car; How Does a Towing Winch Work for Emergency Vehicle Recovery in University Park, TX?

On most towing trucks you will see a winch either in the front or to the rear of the truck. Many people often wonder what the winches are used for. Some people think they are used to tow vehicles. However, that is not the case. The winches on tow trucks are most often used for vehicle recoveries. Citywide Towing Services would like to elaborate on the use of the winch and what types of recoveries we help our customers with.

Winch Out & Vehicle Recovery Service

The winch on most tow trucks make use of a cable. However, some may use a chain or rope. Winches are primarily used to recover vehicles. Winch out services are used in a number of different scenarios. One common scenario is when a vehicle went into a ditch and cannot get out on its own. Vehicles such as cars with smaller engines or two wheel drive very often cannot get itself out of a ditch on its own power and requires help. A tow truck service can help in this situation. The tow service will hook up the vehicle and pull the vehicle out slowly. Another common scenario is when a vehicle is stuck in mud. During our stormy season’s in Texas, flood water can come on quickly and mud can become very deep. When driving through the mud, many vehicles can become trapped and cannot get the right amount of traction to get out on their own power. After many attempts to get out of the mud, many drivers can dig the vehicle deeper into the mud. Again, a towing service can help pull the vehicle out of the mud. Lastly, for those who go off-roading and get themselves stuck, as long as a tow truck can get to your location, we can help recover you vehicle in a number of different situations.

What is Winching a Car?

A tow truck winch is designed with either a 5,000 to 10,000 pound capacity. Combined with their powerful engines, a tow truck can recover most cars, vans, SUVs and pickup trucks. Depending on the position of the vehicle requiring to be recovered, the tow cable can be hooked up to the front or rear axle of the vehicle. In certain situations, the winch can be used to tow the vehicle. However, most tow trucks never use a winch as a towing method. For those who have a winch on their vehicle you can also use the winch for towing and also to get yourself out of sticky spots. When winching yourself out of a ditch or out of the mud, you will require an anchor such as a tree or even another vehicle.

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A professional towing service will have most all of their trucks equipped with a winch to provide winch out services. A professional towing service can help get you out of a number of different situations. When you find yourself stuck and needing help, contact Citywide Towing Services. We provide winch out services along with roadside assistance and towing services. For 24/7 towing and roadside assistance, recovery, and more, contact Citywide Towing Services.

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